Blog of the Week (12/02/13)

How To Use The Internet
Today in Techie Club we learned about the Internet. To learn all about the internet we played a game called Peter Packet. Peter Packet is a game where you have to send an email and Peter the Packet has to deliver the message. In the game there are hackers, viruses, and electrical interferences. Like in the real world these are all problems that can stop packets. Hackers are people who want to steal personal information, money, etc. Viruses are tools that hackers use to steal information. Electrical interferences can break packets, unlike hackers and viruses, electrical interferences are accidents and rarely happen. We also did an exercise where we had to send a message to another group but, there were hackers so the groups had to be careful. I was a hacker in the game! The first round the hackers found the information easily and the packets got mixed up easily because there wasn’t any codes on the back of the message to tell the packets apart so the server had trouble. Then in the second round it was hard for the hackers to find the information because the packets were more secretive and the messages had codes on them so the server didn’t have trouble. I had a lot of fun doing the game and I learned a lot. I enjoyed learning about the Internet and playing Peter Packet and playing the Packet Game and I hope we can do this again sometime!
Dec 03, 2013 (tcbjra001)

Computer Codes and Scratch Programming
Today we watched a video about computer codes. We learned that the computer code programmed the computer to do what you want it to do. After that, we divided up into groups of twos or threes. Then, we had to write a plan of a project your group wanted to make. You wrote down all of the sprites (characters in scratch) that you wanted to be in the project. You also draw the sprites you want to have in the project, so you have a clear idea of what you want them to be like. My group was making a game, but we only started on scratch. Today’s lesson was very fun. I enjoyed it greatly! I hope we get to work on our projects again sometime!
Dec 04, 2013 (tcbrxk003)

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