BLOG OF THE WEEK (12/16/13)

Scratch Programming
Today in Techie Club, we did a program in Scratch. Scratch is a program where you learn how to use codes and algorithm, which is a set of instructions used to make or create something. In Scratch, we had to get an image from the internet and drag it into Scratch. Once our image was in Scratch, we had to go to Controls and take out the “when green flag clicked” hat and drag it to the script board for that image. Each sprite-a character used for program- has their own script, so there are many scripts. Then, we had to go to Looks and choose the “set _____ effect to zero” block. We had to drag it to the script board, under the “when green flag clicked” hat. In the space after “set”, we had to set it to whirl; and then in the next blank, after “effect”, we had to go to Sensing and choose the “mouse x” block and replace “zero” with it. Next, we had to get a “forever” block from Controls and put the first “set ___ effect to zero” block inside it; and then get another “set to …” block and get a “mouse y” block to replace the “zero” in it, After that, we had to get 4 new sprites: 1 dinosaur and 3 buttons from the import file. We had to duplicate the first button to get a total of 3 and each had to be a different color. For each of the buttons’ scripts, we had to get a “when clicked” hat and “broadcast” block from Controls. The broadcast message had to be what color the button was. Then, for the dinosaur sprite, we had to go to “Costumes” and copy it twice, so that we could have 3 different dinosaur costumes. Each dinosaur had to be the color of any one of the 3 buttons. For the script, we had to select 3 ‘when I receive” hats and from Looks, 3 “set color effect to zero” blocks. Each “when I receiveā€ hat will have a different message used from the buttons’, so that when the buttons are clicked, the dinosaur will turn that color. That is what we did in Techie Club.
Dec 17, 2013 (tcbmmt002)

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