BLOG OF THE WEEK (10/27/14)

to day we learned about css like
font-size: 40px;
will change the font size. I think css is grate so tell me how is my web site going here is the link .
(cbssam141, 29 October 2014)

Techie Club 10/29/14
This week in Techie Club, we learned more about web programming. But, instead of HTML, we did CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). As one of the volunteers put it, HTML is just like the foundation of a house, but CSS is all the paint and decoration and other things, except for functions, which are for JavaScript. So, I added on to my website, which now has fixed links, color, two videos, and an ordered list. To put a video in, you go to YouTube, find the video, click share, click embed, and copy and paste the link. I honestly wish I had more to say about this week, but I (sadly) do not. I hope you enjoy my 2.0 webpage! Link:
(cbsafs141, 29 October 2014)

What is Happening In the Computer
Today in techie club we learned about how information travels through the computer. Almost all of the information would start at the keyboard. We learned that the processor is working all the time. I thought it was interesting how it does everything in one second.
We learned how you send an email. First, of course, you have to type in the email with the keyboard. Then, the keyboard sends it to the processor to process it. After that, the information goes to the random access memory(RAM). The RAM then sends the information back to the processor so the processor can give it to something else. That is the NIC. The NIC sends it to the other computer. That is one example of how stuff travels through the computer.
(cbstte141, 29 October 2014)

Peter Packet
Today we played a game Peter Packet. It was about hackers, viruses, severs and routers. I learned a lot, I now know that a router directs packets to the shortest path. I also know that the internet is a giant network of servers.
(cbssxp141, 29 October 2014)