BLOG OF THE WEEK (11/03/14)

Bits and bytes
Today we learned about bits and bytes. The bytes are the things that save the data in the computer. The bits are the on and off switches on the computer or other of such type. We even learned how to contrast numbers into letters to spell words. For example we spelled out the word ”zebra”. Now that we know how to contrast the numbers into letters, it will be very helpful for life. We can also resort to the data saver bytes when we need to see some of the most important stuff. just from this, I want to learn even more about computers and how they work.
(cbstxh141, 06 November 2014)

The Start of App Development
Today, we started making apps. First, a volunteer talked to us about apps. He said that the difference between a mobile phone app and a computer app is that a computer uses a mouse to click on things, but on a mobile phone app, you have to use your fingertips. Another difference is that a computer needs the internet to see a public application, but a mobile phone app does not always need to be connected. He also said that before an app looks good, it needs a wire-frame, which is a foundation for the app. He said that we would be drawing a wire-frame today. There are two languages that apps are coded in: Objective-C and Java. After that volunteer told us things about apps, another volunteer shared a demo with us on his phone. It was a weather app.
After both volunteers shared, we got two transparent pieces of paper with a mobile phone outline drawn on it, and two regular pieces of paper with the same design. We also received sheets of paper with examples and outline drawings of weather app wire-frames and symbols. We were to draw a wire-frame for our app on the outline of the mobile phone. When I saw that we would be drawing, I was really excited, because I like drawing. I, personally, did an extremely detailed wire-frame for a weather app, but not all did. I hope that next week, we get to continue on our app development and wire-frames, because (at least for today) it was awesome!
(cbsrek141, 05 November 2014)

How the Computer Works
Today in techie club we learned about how a computer works. We learned that there are little things inside the computer called packets. When things like emails go through the computer they do not go in one piece. They travel in little pieces that I mentioned earlier called packets. We learned that a server is a giant computer that stores information. The internet is a giant network of these servers. We learned that these things called routers direct the packets to the shortest path in the server. We also learned that their are really bad things in the computer called viruses. They are tiny things that destroy the information that is in your computer. They can be really bad and can even lead to your computer not working anymore. There are also hackers who steal the information in the computer. Hackers can get into things like credit card information and other important things. So protect your computer from viruses and hackers.
(cbstte141, 05 November 2014)