BLOG OF THE WEEK (11/10/14)

The Internet of things
Today, we learned about the internet of things. At the beginning of class, we watched a short video about different types of sensors and how in the future, there might be a lot of sensors in a house that will figure your ( depending on what type of sensor it is ) temperature, emotions, hunger, and heartbeat. There might even be refrigerators that will tell you what is in it, and what you can make with its contents! After that, we broke up into groups and wrote down ideas for things in the future that will use sensors to figure things about you. Our project idea was a virtual reality helmet.
(cbslxl141, 12 November 2014)

Today in techie club we learned about HTMLs. The first one is <h1> you type that in to make a heading. You have to close the heading by typing in </h1>. You have to close every HTML that you make. The next one is to make a paragraph. To make a paragraph you do <p> and close it with </p>. You can also make things bold, italic, and underlined. Bold is <b> and closed with </b>. Italic is <I> and closed with </I>. Underlined is <u> and closed with </u>. You can also add a font by using <font>. You have to put a color too for example <font=color”red”> would make a word red. You have to put <body> at the beginning of everything. At the end you have to put </body> because you need to let the computer know that everything you wrote is the body. You can also add pictures. To add pictures you look up a picture and copy the URL which is just the title. You then put <img src=paste URL here>. Today was our first day of coding and it was really exciting. I can’t wait to see what else we learn.
(cbstte141, 12 November 2014)

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