BLOG OF THE WEEK (12/8/14)

The Day the Video Game Designer Came
Today, I had a really good time at Techie Club! A professional video game designer came in to talk to us about video game designing. He had made video games based on movies, like his Alvin and the Chipmunks video game, and the Tale of Despereaux video game that he had made. He also showed us a short video that he talked about — it was about a boy, Caleb, who had diabetes. The video game designer explained that some people with diabetes have to poke a needle in their finger to get a drop of blood on it, then put it on a special device (I have momentarily forgotten its name, but it ends in “meter!”), and it tells the person that has diabetes how much sugar is in their blood. The video game designer said that the person with diabetes had to do this four times a day. Anyways, the video game designer had made a video game program to distract the person that has diabetes. I thought it was nice of him to care about the people around him.
After we listened to the video game designer, we were divided into groups and each group got a piece of paper and wrote down a verb and a noun. My group wrote, “Thinking Kittens,” and we had to have a genre, platform, target audience, a sentence describing it, 3 game mechanics, and a paragraph explaining the game idea overall. This was a plan for a game. We did this very quickly, and it was hard sometimes for our group to come up with ideas. However, it was fun, and now I know how to brainstorm ideas for video games!
(cbsrek141, 10 December 2014)