Techie Club, 2/4/2015: 3D Printing!
Today in Techie Club we learned about 3D printing! If you don’t know what 3D printing is, it’s when you make a design and then print it out with a 3D printer to make a three dimensional object (basically what it sounds like). First, we watched a presentation about 3D printers and the kinds of things you can print with them. You can basically print anything, even crazy objects like the impossible star, since the printer can print things interconnected. Fun fact: 3D printers can even print food! This works because the melted substance it what the 3D printer uses to print. Most 3D printed objects use two types of plastic: PLA and ABS. PLA is lower quality plastic, and ABS is the type of plastic in Lego(but it can be hazardous). They showed us a 3D printer printing a heart, and it was really cool. Then we got on a website called Thingiverse, where you can create and change 3D printing models by you and other people. There is a ton of really cool models! 3D printing is awesome!
(cbsafs141, 04 February 2015)

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