BLOG OF THE WEEK (3/16/15)

Today in Techie Club…
My fellow Americans…
Today in Techie Club we learned about the different ways computers will sort data/files. They were the Bubble Method, Insertion Method, Selection Method, and Bucket Method. Each one was more efficient than the others in my opinion. So HAH! to the other methods.
(cbssxm141, 18 March 2015)

BLOG OF THE WEEK (2/23/15)

LEGO Robotics (3)
Hi fellow techies! We did LEGO robotics yet again today, and once again my partner Rowan was not here. A volunteer helped me and now Rover (I wrote about Rover in a previous blog) can run at something he sees, bark at it, and then retreat. He has an ultrasound sensor that allows him to admit a sound that humans can’t even hear! It will bounce off of the nearest object and bounce back to him so he knows the distance and he can run up to it and bark, it was funny to see people’s reactions!! The coding program on the computer we used was a lot like scratch because it had blocks you could connect to make certain programs. Other than that, there is not much to report, I look forward to other blogs and get well soon Rowan!!
(cbsexs141, 25 February 2015)