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BLOG OF THE WEEK (01/27/14)

=—–{Techie Club Today}—–=
Today at Techie Club we finished building our Lego robots! We started building the more complicated features on our robotic that involved sensors and a micro motor. When we finished our robot had a moving arm that went up and down, a color sensor facing the ground, a touch sensor pointing forward, and a tilt sensor to see which direction it was going. Unfortunately by the time we finished, Continue reading BLOG OF THE WEEK (01/27/14)

BLOG OF THE WEEK (01/20/14)

I can tell the program to stop running by pressing the stop button at the top. I can tell when the program is done because the “you win” or “you lose” sign pops up. I think Scratch is really fun but i think we should have a little more time to play around with it. Thank you Techie Club.
Jan 22, 2014 (tcbkxc005)

BLOG OF THE WEEK (01/06/14)

Today, we learned about Data Storage, what uses Data Storage, and we also spent some time talking about “BIG DATA” and the three “V”s, volume, velocity and volume. Some things that have Data Storage in your house are computers, CDs, and DVDs. We talked about bits, bytes, gigabytes, and other things that end in “byte!” I was shocked that 5 exabytes would be all the words in human speech! Continue reading BLOG OF THE WEEK (01/06/14)

BLOG OF THE WEEK (12/16/13)

Scratch Programming
Today in Techie Club, we did a program in Scratch. Scratch is a program where you learn how to use codes and algorithm, which is a set of instructions used to make or create something. In Scratch, we had to get an image from the internet and drag it into Scratch. Once our image was in Scratch, we had to go to Controls and take out the “when green flag clicked” hat and drag it to the script board for that Continue reading BLOG OF THE WEEK (12/16/13)

Blog of the Week (12/09/13)

Introduction to Scratch
Today in Techie Club we learned about Scratch. Scratch was made by people from a college called M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). They wanted to create an application so kids could be able to program easily. There are 8 tabs that you use to program. The keys are for motion, looks, sound, pen, control, sensing, operators, and variables. With just these 8 tabs you can practically program anything. The characters in scratch are called sprites and you can Continue reading Blog of the Week (12/09/13)

Blog of the Week (12/02/13)

How To Use The Internet
Today in Techie Club we learned about the Internet. To learn all about the internet we played a game called Peter Packet. Peter Packet is a game where you have to send an email and Peter the Packet has to deliver the message. In the game there are hackers, viruses, and electrical interferences. Like in the real world these are all problems that can stop packets. Hackers are people who want to steal personal information, money, etc. Viruses are tools that hackers Continue reading Blog of the Week (12/02/13)